Daniela Kohler

To feel alive is actually more than a feeling. Its a state of mind. Its the moment I understand the privilege of LIVING. It is gratitude, purpose, peace, power and pain all at once. When I embrace and grow with the duality of our existence; warm & cold, light & dark, life & death… For the split instance between the pure joy of an experience and the pain of it being over… THIS moment in between, is what it means to feel ALIVE.



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I am deeply connected to my Nature and all things natural and ecological. Advocating for sustainability and a regenerative approach to our existence. By profession, a Storyteller expressing through the medium of Filmmaking, Creative Content, Voice Over and Music. I also branch out as a Creative consultant for story harvesting and story branding especially in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Impact. Most recently combining my passion and profession and finding purpose as a Mentor and Speaker for Purpose and Growth with our own Creativity.

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